Get into your site

So you've got a website, it looks great and has lots of features. Now you need to get across who you are, what you do, and why people should use you. Use your content wisely and you can get across all of your messages.

Create captivating headings

Don't just call your page 'about us' - give it a bit of thought. Can you use something more creative, or more pertinent to your business? How about 'getting to know us' or 'meet the organisation of your dreams'. It's your site, and you're in control.

Sure, use professionals to help you formulate just the right messages if words aren't you thing. After all, there's lots to consider - how much text to write, what do you want to get across, what will appeal to your visitors.

And of course there's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to think about. How do you get those magic keywords across the content without writing something that's not only hard to read, but obviously written mainly to boost rankings.

Content is key, or so they say. And to that end, your text should be high-quality, well-written and appealing to visitors. That will show by the length of time people spend on your site and whether they share your content socially - all markers of a good website in the eys of Google (other search engines are available, of course).