Finding out more

Websites can easily grow as you do. It's simple to add pages to your website packed with useful content as your company or organisation develops.

Your website can grow as you do

When you first go live with a new site, it should be well-organised, feature all of your best photos, your latest projects,and be generally, well, up-to-date.

But as you carry on doing what you do and the weeks become motnhs become years, your website should be reflecting your progress.

Whether you expand in size, provide more services or win more clients, there's potentially more information to add to the website, and whilst it's easy to add all of your new exciting content, it's also easy for it to get a bit unweildy.

Your website needs love, care and attention - and that will please the search engines too, so make sure to give your website a spring clean from time to time, won't you?